Company founded 公司創立
Yisheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in the 82nd year of the Republic of China. It was founded by Mr. Gui Lin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and a joint venture with the same concept. After more than ten years of operation, the factory was expanded from the original factory to the Linkou Plant and the Guanyin Deputy Factory. And the Guishan No. 1 and No. 2 factories, etc., the number of employees has reached more than 80 people.
Mr. Cai Guilin upholds the research and development, the business philosophy of sustainable operation, expands the diversified and planned cultivation of professional talents and establishes R&D and design departments to enhance the service functions for customers.
Over the years, in order to develop new products, we have purchased a number of research equipments and cooperated with academic institutions to develop several new technologies and products, which have been recognized by the industry.
Over the years, the industry has taken care of it and has not abandoned it. The company has a considerable scale. Mr. Cai Lin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will lead the company's employees to reward the industry's care and cherish the environment and attitude. Effort.

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